Paris workshop

In October 2014 the TCA organised a unique patient-led workshop. Ten patient ‘leaders’ and ten clinicians met in Paris to discuss tyrosine kinase inhibitors and what this means for thyroid cancer patients. We were honoured that so many distinguished international clinical experts joined us to participate in these discussions.

The workshop was ably moderated by Clive Harmer and Fausto Palazzo who are members of our Medical Advisory Panel.

We were privileged to have two patients who attended part of the workshop and who shared their pilgrimage through their different treatments: Christine, and Isabelle. Their willpower in undertaking new treatments and their courage in facing a room full of clinicians and patient advocates left a lasting impression on participants.

We intend to use the conclusions of the workshop sessions to develop materials to help patients and to translate these into different languages.

The workshop was made possible thanks to a generous donation from Bayer.